If you’d like to feed a family, please click here.

This pandemic has created numerous challenges for our beloved charity. We have discussed the implications of hosting thousands of volunteers at the Convention Center safely and agreed that it is impossible this year, yet we know that there are 4,000 families counting on us.
We will not be assembling boxes or delivering meals at the Convention Center the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Instead, CBB will purchase 4,000 turkeys and distribute these through a voucher/redemption system assisted by Communities in Schools (CIS), Piggly Wiggly and Momentum Marketing.
We’ve done our very best to include all of the individuals and organisations that received a meal last year. At this time all 4,000 turkeys have been assigned and we are sadly unable to add any new recipients to our 2021 list.

IF YOU HAVE CREATED / HOSTED AN EVENT  for the Charleston Basket Brigade, we’d love to know!
Kindly contact us at with a photo of your fundraiser and/or volunteer effort along with a brief description of what you have done to support the Charleston Basket Brigade.  Let us give you a SHOUT OUT!

IF YOU WANT TO HELP US RAISE MONEY for this year’s Basket Brigade, one of the most effective things you can do is to email your friends and family and tell them about The Charleston Basket Brigade.

Pam Hartley Quigley and Michelle Scarafile Wallace (Co-Founders) lead the Charleston Basket Brigade every year.